SaltyAF “Sabolevski Special” Salt Spray UPF 50 Performance Hoodie - Blue

Inspired by Eric Sabolevski, an ambassador and FishyAF super-supporter, we bring you our Salt Spray UPF 50 Performance Hoodie! Eric joined us on The Drift last year wearing our white Ghost Hoodie and promptly covered it in fish blood and guts. Gnarly.

We took that inspiration a step further to create a new version in bold blue and white, with our SaltyAF logo across the chest and on the cuffs. This shirt also has thumb holes to keep the sun off the back of your hands while you catch your PB.

Get out there and get dirty. Don’t forget to show us all the grime you add!

• 100% polyester
• UPF 50


  • $40.00