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We are a (badass) lifestyle fishing apparel brand, but we are more than just our sick threads. Our mission is to challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. We want you out there letting the world know you're FishyAF, and you're not afraid to try something new.

Who says fishing-wear has to be boring? We bring you design focused apparel that is expressive, eye catching, and most importantly, high quality and comfortable. Pick up some FishyAF gear, join one of our quests, and become part of an amazing community of anglers!



The brainchild of the one and only Casey Monahan, FishyAF is a culmination of a lifetime of fishing, a decade of writing blogs (back when blogs were cool) and managing over a dozen different social media pages - most notably @IFuckingLoveFishing, aka IFLF.

As the IFLF sphere grew to nearly half a million followers, he decided he needed to take things up a notch. So, during the apocalypse that was 2020, he and his wife, Jenny, decided to take a leap into uncharted territory and launch FishyAF.

FishyAF is founded on the idea of getting out into the world and trying something you've never done before. Partly forged from a dream Casey had about fishing in space (talk about boldly fishing where no one has fished before), and partly from being stuck in lockdown.

Our very first graphic design - The EXPLORER - has become the icon of our mission and business identity. We are all explorers, making our way through the world.
The Explorer



Casey grew up on a river in Massachusetts, part of a family of trappers, hunters, and of course, fishermen. He spent his youngest days collecting worms in his pockets and taking his family's little boat out onto the river at a tender age that would probably be illegal now. He spent years perfecting the art of catching sunfish - the very first species he ever caught, and fondly dubbed his "Gateway Drug" into the sport of fishing. 

His grandfather kick-started his passion for salt water fishing at age 3 when he took him out on the Captains Lady in Newburyport, MA. He spent a lot of time getting to know the family that runs Captains Fishing Parties, and considers them a part of his fishing family.

His passion for the outdoors and for learning more about different types of fishing lead him deeper into the salt, and inspired him to try more fresh water fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, shark fishing... whatever new opportunity presents itself.



When we were young

Jenny started fishing with Casey back in the 1900's when they started dating.  She didn't grow up with the same sort of outdoor obsession as he did, but she did develop an obsession for him, and fishing just goes along with that. Her passions are more along the lines of music and travel, but still encompass the FishyAF spirit. She's all about listening to, experiencing, and seeking out something new.

As more of a fair weather fishing tagalong, Jenny enjoys a more laid back approach to the sport. Basically, Casey takes her fishing, and she only does the parts she wants. Don't judge.

Even without the same fishing background as Casey, Jenny has a bit of a marketing background and an eye for design, so the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business were in her wheelhouse. They make a really great team - Casey does all the stuff Jenny doesn't want to do, and Jenny does all the stuff that Casey doesn't want to do. It works out.



FishyAF is run by just the two of us, but we also get input and help from our four fabulous kids (whether we want it or not). They do actually make great sidekicks at our tradeshows, helping us set up and break down our booth, talking to customers, and mingling with the other exhibitors. They also get in the way of shoppers and leave their snack wrappers all over the booth, but hey, it's a trade off.

Casey also has a full time corporate job, and Jenny does real estate part time, so it's a hectic lifestyle. But why should we do anything the easy way? The ultimate goal is to grow a business we can be proud of that will hopefully create new opportunities for our little clan. We love the community that we're building and consider our ambassadors, customers, friends, and supporters an extension of our fishing family.


THANK YOU for joining us on this journey - we're pumped to have so many awesome anglers joining us on our Quests, and we're humbled to come along on yours! Tight lines.