Ambassador Spotlight - Mike Hoffman

Name: Mike Hoffman

IG: @mjhofma09

State: Illinois

Ambassador Level: Salty 

How Long have you been fishing: Been fishing since I was around 10. So like 20 years.

Favorite Species: Large Mouth Bass

Weirdest/Unexpected: I was fishing the Wisconsin river for catfish and carp. Using night crawlers on Carolina rigs. Got a huge hit on one of my rods and it ended up being a 38in musky. So I caught my PB musky on a worm..

Fishing Tip: Adapt and try new things. It’s easy to get in pattern of “this is what I always do.” Don’t always throw your go-to lure or style. Shake things up and you’ll often be rewarded with fish and learn new skills and techniques too!

Like about FishyAF: What I like most about FishyAF is that this brand has created a supportive, positive community of like-minded anglers. Everyone has your back and is willing to show you some love. The sick designs and comfy gear are a huge bonus!