FishyAF: Practical Hack - Terminal Tackle Box

Create the perfect spill-proof terminal tackle box.

Total Time: 5 Minutes

What You Need: Amazon affiliate links to the cheapest and best options at the end of the blog post.  If you like this hack please help support us by purchasing through our links.

  1. Plano Tackle Box: My Suggestion Below
  2. Old Dental Floss
  3. Magnets
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Silica Packets
  6. Safety Pins
  7. Cool Stickers


Get your Plano Tackle Box setup with the dividers you want.  I strongly suggest the Plano Connectable Satchel 5-17.  This box is the perfect size for this project, is super cheap, has a handle, great compartment for leader material, and you can connect two boxes if you want added storage.  I personally use mine for lake trout fishing and it's easy for me to bring the terminal tackle for my live bait fishing and connect a second box with my spoons and tins.

Step 2

Use the glue gun to stick the magnets in the bottom of the box.  This will hold all your hooks tight.  Don't add a magnet to the large section for your leader material.  The magnets will hold your hooks securely even if you drop the box while it's open.

Step 3

If you are even more OCD use safety pins to organize your hooks

Step 4

Pull the cutter off of an old dental floss container.  It's a "U-Shaped" clip.  You can then pinch this onto the tackle box in the leader compartment section.  It actually fits perfectly and doesn't require glue.  This will trim your leader material without the need for knives or snips while keeping things organized.

Step 5

Get extreme and add a silica packet or two to your box.  This will absorb the moisture and keep your gear rust free.

Step 6

Replace the existing stickers with some sweet FishAF stickers

Here is what it looks like with a second box attached...


Kickass Stickers can be found on our merch page and here are direct links to the products I used for this hack.  There are enough magnets, silica packets, and safety pins to make several boxes, but you could also use the extras for tons of other projects.