AmbassadorSpotlight @flying_fish1077

Name: Ryan Oliver Nunes

IG: flying_fish1077

State: North Carolina currently 

Ambassador level: Salty

Been fishing saltwater hard the past 12yrs or so

Favorite species: I have a soft spot for Stripers because they were my first love and pursuit. Grew up on Cape Cod. But now that I moved down south to NC my new passion is becoming Big Red Drum from the surf. Offshore I am going for anything and everything I can!!!

Weirdest catch: I am not sure on that one. I will say the first time I landed a shark was pretty wild though!! Have boated a couple blue sharks while out fishing the tuna grounds off Cape Cod

Bucket list species would be the Big ass GT’s they catch out off Oman!! These things are massive and of course GT’s are supposed to be pound for pound the hardest fish out there. So that would be something for sure 

My current pursuit is a Rooster fish from the surf!