Ambassador Spotlight - FancyPantsFishing

Meet Kat Jones aka @FancyPantsFishing from Alabama.  Kat is currently at SALTY level in our ambassador program and has caught and photographed 19 species with the FishyAF brand.  She's pretty new to the game and has only been fishing about a year and a half.

Kat loves fishing for all kinds of species, but if forced to choose one it would be a smallmouth bass.  It’s the first big fish she caught and the one that started her obsession with fishing.  Before that catch she had only fished a handful of times.   Now she fishes every chance she gets.

What was your weirdest or most unexpected catch?  Most unexpected was a long nose gar.   We were bass fishing and noticed that the gar were all around us, and being extremely aggressive.  We ended up spending some time catching them and it was an absolute blast.  The way those monsters jump out of the water is unbelievable.   They are so strong.   What we didn’t know was what to do once we got one in the boat.  Those mouths are scary.  Luckily no one got injured and I even held the monster!   It was such a surprisingly fun experience.

What's your bucket List Species:  Peacock bass, but I’ll have to travel to get one.  Hopefully one day. 

Fishing Tip:  I’m so new to fishing the only tip I know is you can’t catch a fish if your line isn’t in the water.   Just keep fishing!

What do you like about FishyAF:  I love the challenge of finding the different species.   I have found myself searching out different types of water and new places just to catch a new species.  I also love that my kids get to participate too.  They ask with every catch if it’s a new species.  It’s another great way to keep them excited about fishing.

Kat has great pictures and it's fun following her family's adventures over on instagram.  Take a second and give her a follow @FancyPantsFishing

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