Ambassador Spotlight - @fearless_outdoors

Name: Matthew 

IG: @fearless_outdoors 

State: New Jersey 

Ambassador Level: SAVAGE (50 Species) 

How Long have you been fishing: 15 years 

Favorite Species and why: Garibaldi Damselfish, they are like the goldfish of the sea. 

What was your weirdest or most unexpected catch? A Red Bellied Piranha from a New Jersey Spillway. Likely dumped from a fishtank. 

What’s your Bucket List Species: Any species that's not currently on my Lifelist. If I had to pick one, I'd say Sand Tiger Shark 

Fishing Tip: Youtube is a great resource for beginners, or even for seasoned anglers to sharpen skills or learn a new one. 

What do you like about FishyAF: The representation of the multispecies community, and an Ambassador program that actually works with you.

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