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  • Ambassador Spotlight - @fearless_outdoors

    Name: Matthew  IG: @fearless_outdoors  State: New Jersey  Ambassador Level: SAVAGE (50 Species)  How Long have you been fishing: 15 years  Favorite Species and why: Garibaldi Damselfish, they are like the goldfish of the sea.  What was your weirdest or most unexpected catch? A Red Bellied Pira... View Post
  • Ambassador Spotlight - FancyPantsFishing

    Meet Kat Jones aka @FancyPantsFishing from Alabama.  Kat is currently at SALTY level in our ambassador program and has caught and photographed 19 species with the FishyAF brand.  She's pretty new to the game and has only been fishing about a year and a half. Kat loves fishing for all kinds of sp... View Post